Lifestyle management

Lifestyle management

Organizing entertainments for your everyday life and holidays

You will certainly enjoy better your free time if you have not spent a whole day in organizing it. Leave that to your personal concierge. He/she can book a table in a suitable restaurant or a club, as well as inform you about what is happening this evening, in order to make easily your choice.

City Club Concierge can make your evenings and weekends pass just as exactly as you have imagined them without making the smallest effort for that. What can we do for you?

  • Access to parties, fashion shows and other special events worldwide;
  • To book seats in a night club or a restaurant chosen by you;
  • To inform you about newly opened places and recommend to you the most suitable ones depending on your requirements, style and, of course, occasion;
  • To organize a romantic dinner – at your or our suggestion: in an unusual place, with suitable decoration and a non-standard gift;
  • To book a seat for you for a cinema, theatre, opera, ballet, concert;
  • To acquaint you with what is happening in the city, in order you to make the right choice for the evening;
  • To help you in the preparation of an official event – whether you are a host or a guest;
  • To choose, pack and deliver a gift instead of you on an official occasion;
  • To choose and send flowers instead of you;
  • To provide you with preferential conditions in our partner network of restaurants, clubs and shops – provided that you are customers of our annual subscription PREMIUM. You can learn more about the advantages of your PREMIUM cars here.
Travel and tourism

Travel and tourism

On the way with no unnecessary worries

Orientation in a new city or unknown country can take up a lot of time. City Club Concierge will organize your travel to the last detail, so that you will only remain with the satisfaction from getting acquainted with the new place.

What do we offer to you?

  • To book your plane ticket;
  • To organize your transport from and to the airport;
  • To help you in drawing up travel documents and conclusion of insurances;
  • To research in advance and consult you in choosing a hotel, to make the necessary bookings;
  • To prepare the program for your day in an unknown place – in the country or abroad;
  • To organize your family holiday;
  • To prepare for you a weekend outside the town, by complying with your preferences for a place and style of the holiday;
  • To rent for you a car, airplane or yacht;
  • To be (even though virtually) close to you during the whole travel, in order to help you with recommendations for the leisure or in the solution of an emerged problem.
  • Exclusive offers for Formula1, extreme adventures or places that are not imaginable -from concept to the smallest detail of implementation.

In order to comply properly with your requirements, City Club Concierge works only with travel agencies and partners of repute worldwide, by making a preliminary research about the most suitable conditions for you.

Health and beauty

Health and beauty

Suitable offers for your health and beauty

If you think highly of your good shape and yet you don’t know what sport is suitable for you, if you look for a trusted clinic, a beauty parlor or a spa centre, may be it’s about time for you to consult with your professional advisor at City Club Concierge.

All people wish to take up sports. Almost no one has got time for that. Well, we shall save at least the time for choosing the suitable place or type of sport – fitness, tennis or a golf club, why not a course in sports dances? We shall also be next to you when you need advise. You can rely on us about:

  • Consultation regarding the choice of fitness, sports or a golf club;
  • Organizing your visit in a spa centre;
  • Choice and booking an hour at a beauty parlor;
  • Booking an hour at a hairdresser’s or a consultation for choosing such;

Ensuring preferential terms in certain sports clubs, beauty parlors or spa centres – for the subscribers of PREMIUM plan. You can learn more about our subscription plans here.

Organizing events

Organizing events

Let holidays be holidays

Let holidays be holidays. City Club Concierge will take care of their organization to the last detail, so that during your party you can enjoy good spirits and spare enough time for your guests, get only positive emotions and remain solely with pleasant memories. 

City Club Concierge will be pleased to organize your event for you – whether during the day or in the evening, personal or business one, in a more narrow or wider circle. During the whole time – from the idea of the event to seeing off the guests, you will be a host with the only duty to enjoy your holiday. Order to City Club Concierge:

  • Organizing a child’s birthday;
  • Preparation of a party in a style preferred by you, whether for 5 or 150 people;
  • Preparation of a special event, such as a wedding anniversary, a jubilee;
  • Organizing a business meeting / dinner.

In any of these cases we shall take care of:

  • Working out, inscribing and sending invitations;
  • Idea, package and delivery of a gift;
  • Recommendations and suitable restaurants, clubs or halls in Sofia and abroad;
  • Booking tables in restaurants and providing suitable decoration;
  • Choice of wines by our sommeliers;
  • Provision of transport for guests, including more exotic opportunities such as a retro car or a limousine.
Domestic help

Domestic help

Gained time for each day

Our everyday life is often full with small details connected mostly with the maintenance of our home, car, pet. Don’t allow them just to spoil your day. Entrust the small domestic duties to City Club Concierge.

We can take your place in all cares connected with the maintenance of your car or home, to take up all duties which seem small, but practically take all of your free time. Whether the question concerns routine tasks or an important choice. We can:

  • to offer you a designer for your interior;
  • to organize your moving;
  • to find and hire a gardener, a plumber, an electrician or a person who to look after the cleanness of your home;
  • to provide the necessary maintenance for your car – insurances, annual inspection, current repair, change of oil and tires, follow-up servicing;
  • to take care of a hotel for your pet and watering the flowers, while you are away from your home;
  • to accept parcels instead of you;
  • to take and get your clothes from drycleaners’;
  • to do the shopping instead of you or to organize the delivery of a given purchase to your home;
  • you can entrust to us even the choice and hiring the best au-pair for your children – for part-time or full-time care.
Corporate services

Corporate services

Loyalty program

Our corporate service concierge & lifestyle management is designed to enhance the loyalty of your existing customers and attract new ones.


  • It allows your products and services to gain competitive advantage by offering an extra level of services.
  • Your customers will enjoy our services and will receive a highly personalized service where the personal attention is crucial.
  • We offer our members access to thousands of exclusive features not available to everyone, and many special offers and VIP access.
  • We can tailor our services to meet your goals and be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
  • We can offer our services co-branded or on your behalf.


Our corporate programs are considered an essential business tool in terms of the most important customers, or social bonus for employees of the organization.

They aim to attract, retain and motivate valuable and new staff members with additional benefits as part of the social package



  • Increase employee productivity and concentration at work and more leisure time while we take care of urgent tasks
  • Improve the image and morale of the staff of your company by demonstrating a commitment to employees and their interests
  • Promoting employees by facilitating their personal lives, which ultimately leads to a happier team



Contact our corporate team to see how we can help your customers and employees and to assist in increasing their loyalty to your brand


Welcome to Sofia

Welcome to Sofia

Your Personal Guide

Are you planning a visit to Sofia?

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, we will make your trip to Sofia a memorable experience

Contact us before you finalize your plans to visit Sofia.Whether you are looking for the best hotel, restaurant, bar or exclusive club, or seeking to maximise your time in Sofia, City Club Concierge can help.

With us you will feel really special!

Sofia's nightlife is offering trendy bars, gourmet restaurants, live clubs, social events and galleries! In the countryside you can find a variety of modern golf courses and spa! However, it is better that someone takes care for you and to offer the right places that suit your taste, and also taking care of all details! Well, we are best at that!

Contact us or send your inquiry. Your personal concierge is only an email away.



  • Meet & greet at the airport
  • Car and Driver
  • Hotel reservation
  • Reservations for restaurants and nightlife
  • Access to benefits at hotels, restaurants, exclusive events and a wide range of services
  • Personal Concierge 24/7



If you plan to move to Sofia or another part of Bulgaria, we can be of great help by


  • Finding the best place to live
  • Help on administrative matters related to the relocation
  • Presentation of local trends and habits, lifestyle guide for the best places
  • We will remain your personal lifestyle concierge company



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