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Become a member of City Concierge

If you have already been acquainted with the full list of our services and with the advantages of the personal assistant in City Club Concierge, you probably have an idea how we can be useful with organizing your daily program.

Make yourselves familiar with our prices

We have prepared both options suitable for initial familiarizing with the service and attractive variants for subscription.

No subscription

  • BGN 25 per hour
  • Block 3 hours – BGN 65 (valid within one month)
  • Block 10 hours – BGN 200 (valid within six months)

Monthly subscription

  • BGN 100 for an unlimited number of hours for the service Lifestyle Management and PA

Annual subscription PREMIUM

  • BGN 1200 for an unlimited number of hours for the service Lifestyle Management and PA, of which you and a member of your family can make use; It includes the card City Club Concierge Premium, providing price discounts in our partner network.

All specified prices refer to office hours of your assistant from 9.30 to 18.00 hours, from Monday to Friday. An exception is made for the annual subscription PREMIUM, according to which the office hours of your personal assistant are until 22.00 hours, from Monday to Friday. All subscription plans allow for a change of the pointed out office hours – by request of the customer we can work out an individual plan complied with your requirements.

How can you engage your personal assistant?

  • You can ask us all preliminary questions by filling in the form for inquiries in Contacts section, as well as on the telephones specified in it.
  • You can make a request for your personal assistant again by means of the abovementioned form or by a telephone call.
  • When you make a request to become a member of City Club Concierge using the abovementioned form or by a telephone call, we will send to you a special form. It is your future contract with City Club Concierge.
  • In order we to meet completely your preferences, the methods of payment, we shall agree personally with you – in a telephone conversation or by means of the form for inquiries which you will find here.

Your personal assistant from City Club Concierge is at your service!